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Drafting and creating fully furnished spaces on Demand - Cradlefeed

Once you have finalised the commercial property that you wish to rent, the next step will be to personalize and design the space to suit your requirements. The basic element of interior designing is space creation and it begins with an extensive analysis of how the space is to be utilised. The designer drafts a plan that specifies the areas of the space and the activities that will take place in those areas. Also, the space plan will exhibit how people will move through the defined space. To complete the plan the designer adds the details such as equipment, furniture and other hardware.

Most of the time, the drafting and space creation is outsourced by the real estate company. This involves another party into the picture and might require more coordination, effort and time. But at Cradlefeed, this process is taken care of by them without any hassle. Their team acts on behalf of corporate tenants to provide commercial property for your office. In addition, they offer planning and construction services for the delivery of ready-to-move rooms. Their single point of contact model offers site selection, design, construction, installation, testing, and commissioning of external and internal solutions.


Cradlefeed drafts and creates a space design that combines flexibility and efficiency with aesthetics, keeping in mind the importance of today's coworking culture. Any entrepreneur, freelancer or a big scale company employee requires space to work and to relax. Not only does this boosts creativity but provides them with a sense of belonging. Due to their exceptional services and excellent portfolio, Cradlefeed is currently operating in 15 states in India and this graph raises continuously.

Designing or creating a workspace is as vital as brainstorming for successful business strategies. Cradlefeed acknowledges the importance and ensures that they are able to deliver an outcome according to their clients’ needs. It provides its customers with a greater chance of success by offering a broad range of space that is flexible to different people with different financial means and workspace needs. Therefore, Cradlefeed is India's number one commercial real estate consultancy and service firm.